LSV Ambassador, Poche Ponce, joins Adam Ezra Group

As you may or not know, Poche Ponce, son of LSV Co-owner Vicky Ossio, is the new member of the Adam Ezra Group, a successful US band. Profiling himself as a human and animal rights activist, Poche did not forget to mention La Senda Verde in the news published about his arrival to the band. Thank you Poche and good luck in the your new musical stage!

Here’s the news as they published it:


Poche Ponce playing live

When we first had a chance to play with Poche a few months back he blew us away with his bass playing, singing, and spirit. For those of you who have seen him out with us over the past weeks, you know he’s an easy guy to fall in love with. What you may not know, is that social and animal rights activism has played a huge role in his life. In fact, he will tell you that our commitment to community is one of the biggest reasons he’s joined Adam Ezra Group. Poche is from Bolivia, and he and his family run an animal refuge there that we think you should check out and support! Senda Verde Wildlife Sanctuary

You can also connect to the musical side of Poche here:

Poche Ponce and Adam Ezra


Visit Adam Ezra Group’s website:

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