Consider me and the cushion – by Mary Rankin

Consider me and the cushion – by Mary Rankin
Consider me and the cushion – by Mary Rankin

My name is Mary Rankin and I have volunteered at LSV 5 times since 2015. Following is a story I would like to submit from my 4th visit in November, 2017.

In my 5 times volunteering at LSV, Maruca, a black spider monkey, has always been my best friend. On one visit, I was fortunate to be staying,  by myself,  at a house a short distance up the hillside. Maruca liked to visit me at the house for her daily body massages. I know contact with the monkeys is very discouraged so, my apologies.

The cement ground surface, where I massaged Maruca, was not at all comfortable for her old bones and skinny limbs. I found a lime green cushion in the house and brought that out for my dear girl to lie on. Again, my apologies as I doubt that cushion was meant for monkey massages. This seemed to be to Maruca’s liking. I was soon to find out shortly how much she appreciated that cushion.

The first day the cushion was used I left it outside for her when I went for dinner. That very dark night as I was looking out the large picture window from the second floor bedroom I was absolutely amazed at what I saw!! There was Maruca climbing up to the roof of the house carrying the lime green cushion between her back legs!!! I assume she liked the comfort of the pillow and decided to sleep on it. What a smart girl!!

The following morning my amazement increased profoundly. As I was leaving the house at 7:00 a.m. for our morning meeting,  there lying at the door was the lime green cushion!! Maruca had returned it!  She  not only used the cushion to sleep on but was considerate enough to return it. Therefore,  she is not only very intelligent but also has a sense of responsibility. Perhaps she knew I wasn’t agile enough to get up to the roof to recover it and thought she better deliver it if she wanted to continue her massages in comfort. I prefer to think she was being considerate.

Later that day, I saw the cushion back up on the roof. With its bright colour it stood out quite prominently. She must have used it for an afternoon siesta.

Maruca was very badly abused by former owners so is understandably wary of people.
I consider it a great honour that she trusts me enough to allow me to give her massages.

I am so  looking forward to my next volunteering trip to LSV and another visit with my best friend, Maruca.

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