Cubai the Jaguar


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$510 USD


Panthera onca

Cubai's story

Cubai is a 15 year old Jaguar that in 2017 was relocated from a private property in the Yungas region to the La Paz Zoo. The animal was in good hands, but his advanced age mixed with the cold weather and the high altitude of La Paz, were beginning to affect his health, he needed a lower place to live in.

It was then that the authorities asked Senda Verde if we could receive him. In face of the urgency we decided to do so and make him part of our family. Cubai arrived on the 20th of November and at the beginning was being kept in a small, temporary enclosure, while we gathered funds to build him a proper one.

Luckily he didn’t stay there for long. A few months were enough to build a brand new enclosure, with management cage, platform, pool, the whole works! The place where it’s located has a lot of trees, vegetation and is near the river. He now spends his days playing around and enjoying a space he never had before in his lifetime.

Cubai at Senda Verde

Adopt Cubai

In your hands - 100% Coverage- $510 Monthly

Cover the complete maintenance expenses of Cubai, charged monthly for one year. Jaguars are the third largest cats in the world, and just as large is their apetite. Cubai is an ideal cat to adopt by a team, a company or a large school group.

In two hands - 50% Coverage - $255 Monthly

Cover half the maintenance expenses of Cubai, charged monthly for one year. The other half will be available to other potential adoptive parents. Allows for two parties to cover the full expense.

In four hands - 25% Coverage - $127 Monthly

Cover one fourth the maintenance expenses of Cubai, charged monthly for one year. The other three fourths will be available to other potential adoptive parents. Great plan if you love jaguars and wish to adopt one but can’t cover the full expense.

Adoption perks


We will prepare a bimonthly personalized report about your beloved animal with photos & videos so you stay in touch with him/her.


Who loves me gives you the possibility to visit your adopted animal in real life if you decide to come visit us.


Beautiful digital certificate with your name, your loved animal and period covered. For you to print and show everyone you care.


Who loves me guarantees that 100% of your monthly donation is used in the care of the animal and is 100% ecological

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No current donors

Cubai has currently no adoptive parents. He is getting everything she needs. Adopting him will allow us to economically leave him in your hands and the funds used to maintain him will be invested in better housing for him and for the newly arriving animals.

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