Llajuita the deer



Born 2016



Monthly maintenance cost

$90 USD


Mazama americana

Llajuita's story

Llajuita arrived at La Senda Verde with 8-10 months of age along with Apthapi the Tapir, which has the same age. They come from a confiscation performed by the Forestry and Environment Police (POFOMA) in Palos Blancos, North of La Paz. Both mammals are large and require a lot of space. They are also both foragers and get along well, so we decided to keep them together.

They lived in a small enclosure until we were able to build a larger one for them. The new enclosure has a pool since Tapirs need to swim. For both foraging mammals we have alfalfa growing in the enclosure and we also buy from local producers. Sadly in the dry season this alfalfa dries out and runs scarce and we have trouble staying to date with these forager’s diets.

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Llajuita is being loved by

Carmen Chevarria

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