Nayra the puma



March / April 2019



Monthly maintenance cost

$220 USD


Puma concolor

Nayra's story

Nayra is the most recently rescued cat at La Senda Verde, she came in 2019 being only a few months of age. She was rescued in the altiplano, the Bolivian high plateau, by the La Paz state’s environmental protection office, in a town called Catacora. It is presumed that the mother was killed.

Updates pending.

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Adopt Nayra

In your hands - 100% Coverage- $220 Monthly

Cover the complete maintenance expenses of Nayra. Paid monthly, for one year. This plan is ideal for school groups, businesses, families and big cat lovers.

In two hands - 50% Coverage - $110 Monthly

Cover half the maintenance expenses of Nayra, every month, for one year. The other half will be available to other potential adoptive parents. Great plan if you love Nayra and wish to adopt her but can’t cover the full expense.

In four hands - 25% Coverage - $55 Monthly

Cover one fourth the maintenance expenses of Espumita. Paid monthly, for one year. The other three fourths will be available to other potential adoptive parents. Great plan if you love pumas and wish to adopt one but can’t cover the full expense.

Adoption perks


We will prepare a yearly personalized report about your beloved animal with photos & videos so you stay in touch with him/her.


Who loves me gives you the possibility to visit your adopted animal in real life if you decide to come visit us.


Beautiful digital certificate with your name, your loved animal and period covered. For you to print and show everyone you care.


Who loves me guarantees that 100% of your monthly donation is used in the care of the animal and is 100% ecological

Nayra is being loved by

No current donors

Nayra has currently no adoptive parents. She is getting everything she needs. Adopting her will allow us to economically leave her in your hands and the funds used to maintain her will be invested in better housing for her and for the never-stop incoming animals.

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