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Ara ararauna

Verano's story

Verano is a victim of illegal wildlife trafficking. It was confiscated when it was being transported to the black market in the city of La Paz. Macaws and especially Blue-and-Yellow macaws have been an all time favourite for the pet trade market. They are very smart birds and in comparison to other wildlife, are easily domesticated. They are beloved because of their intelligence, their ability to imitate sounds, their beauty and their companionship.

In countries like the United States, Blue-and-Yellow Macaws are raised as pets and a legal pet market exists for them. This is not the case in Bolivia however. There are absolutely no regulations on the matter and all pet parrots and macaws come from the illegal market. This means that they were stolen when chicks from their nests and went through a lot of suffering being transported illegally in hide-outs where they can barely breathe. Once with their final owners, their life is not always the best. Most parrot and macaw owners in Bolivia have no knowledge on the dietary and life requirements for these animals and they normally survive in very precarious conditions. Many of them are kept in La Paz, where low temperatures and high altitude are far from the suitable environment they need.

When macaws like Verano arrive to La Senda Verde, they normally do so with their plumage deteriorated and with signs of psychological trauma. They go through a long recovery phase until they can be finally released into our new large aviaries, where they receive all the attention they need.

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Verano is being loved by

Jodi Bengtson

Love animals, currently working with dog rescues. Learned of Sendra Verde through Adam Ezra Group. Peace and Love.