Bike The Death Road

The Best Way to Experience Yungas

Operator: Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking
Distance ridden: 64 Kilometers • 40 Miles
Vertical descent:  3,600 meters • 11,800 feet
Ecosystems: • Andean Puna • Yungas Paramo • High cloud forest • Mid Cloud forest • Low Cloud forest
Riding time: 4-5 hours
Depart from La Paz: 7:30 am
Options: Return to La Paz –5:00pm- • Overnight Ecolodge • Complete activity package –3 days-


Explore all the information about the ride within this map!


Road Climb to the Summit

This part of the journey is not to be missed. We depart from our meeting point were we have breakfast at 7:30am. We climb to the highest houses in the city of La Paz, at 4,200mts. and continue climbing, arriving an hour later at the summit, 4,750mts, 15,100 High!. Llamas hearding, possible snow cover and glaciated peaks are must-see scenery enjoyable from our spacious transport.

Bikes Ready

Bikes, equipment, mind and soul ready. Gravity’s experts will ease any possible discomfort, fear or doubt about what you will be doing and will prep you with the most complete safety talk ever. The support vehicle is always there of you want to jump in.

Speeding in the top

An hour of sealed tarmac allows for awesome speeds. Stop to take breathtaking photos of the high andean summits, and be ready for snow, sun and high altitude!

Drug Check Point

Fear not, they are looking for components to manufacture cocaine. Just avoid taking pictures of them. We use the stops to check brakes and to debreof about the road sections coming ahead.

Tourist Check Point

Near the small town of Unduavi. Here the scenery starts to become green. We stop for a bathroom break, and to pay a tourist tax. This tax is very important since they use the money to build tourist installations and repair the death road, since now it is no longer used by local traffic, it’s all yours! Fee is 50BS, you need to bring exact change and will receive an official receipt, souvenir.

The Old Road

11:00am. The old road section begins. We check bikes and brakes and have a snack. Gravity always has a guide in front through this section, cheching for incoming cars and trucks. Just call them truck bait!

Cloud Forest, Post Card Corner

You will stop at different, beautiful scenic points, ride below waterfalls and enjoy increased temperature and oxygen. Guides provide entertaining information and history snippets about this road, which was built in the 60’s with hammers and chisels by war prisoners who were hanged from the mountain top! This road has taken more than 6,000 lives since it was built!

Jungle Heat

Near the bottom, the road becomes dry and dust becomes a problem. We recommend you bring good sun glasses or use our provided goggles. This section is broader and allows for greater speed!

Yolosa – The Bottom

You survived! Celebrate the excitement with a free beer, included with your ride. Return your gear in exchange for a free Gravity t-shirt. Chat with fellow survivors and relax before going to La Senda Verde.

La Senda Verde

We believe riding the world’s most dangerous road is the best way to arrive to La Senda Verde. Here there is a lunch waiting for you, a spectacular shower and all the wonders the animal sanctuary has to offer. Take a look at the different options available to enjoy this place!



Day Ride

Depart from La Paz at 7:30 am and return at 9:30pm

Day ends at La Senda Verde, where you get a shower (includes towel, shampoo and soap) and a buffet lunch surrounded by animals!

Monkey or Bear tour can be solicited.

PRICE (per person) 
849 BOB / 124 USD

40 BOB / 6 USD

Overnight at LSV Ecolodge

Get a worthwhile rest after the bike adrenaline in our Ecolodge, the best place to rest! This package includes a night in our lodge, a breakfast the next day and a complete tour of the Sanctuary.

PRICE (per person)
1,060 BOB / 155 USD  
Eco Cabaña. Private Bathroom

1,000 BOB / 148 USD  
Eco Hut. Shared Bathroom

Booking this tour with La Senda Verde helps to create more funds for the animals!


Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking

Gravity is by far the best option for biking the world’s most dangerous road, it has the cleanest safety record, offers the best bikes, equipment and guides. Gravity also gives back, that’s why it’s the exclusive death road biking operator of La Senda Verde.


FOR more than 10 YEARS, GRAVITY HAS Pioneered SAFETY AND FUN IN MOUNTAIN BIKING IN BOLIVIA. Our COMMITMENT to not taking hidden shortcuts may not always be obvious to everyone, but here are THREE examples:

-Gravity buys only quality equipment (high-end models of brands like Hayes, Marzocchi and Fox to name a few) and bicycles (mid- to high-end Kona mountain bikes) and reinvests huge amounts in original and brand name parts for maintenance and continually improving our quality.

This means your bike runs super well, with reduced likelihood of equipment failure. This will increase the confidence you have in the bike at both slow or fast speeds.

While many new companies may buy brand-name bikes, often they purchase lower-end models with lower-end parts. These bikes never work as well as high-end bikes and quickly have maintenance issues. If the company involved has been selling their trips cheaply they soon find they don’t have enough money for high-quality maintenance, let alone replacing their fleet when it’s necessary — which means their bikes continue to deteriorate… meaning they have to cut their prices … meaning less money for maintenance, etc.

-Gravity invests in regular and extensive systems (rope, safety, first aid) and technical training and practice sessions for its staff to get them to an international level of expertise.

This means that we can manage the risks during the day… and if someone has a crash or an emergency we can respond professionally and effectively.

The majority of the newer companies have simply not invested in this kind of training and definitely do not have the years of experience that Gravity staff do. This means that rides are not risk-managed; if things go wrong their response is likely to be “less than professional.”

-Gravity has over 10 years of experience operating the ride down “The World’s Most Dangerous Road” as well as many other rides. This experience, combined with our focus on fun, safety and professionalism, has resulted in Gravity being the only biking company in Bolivia that has been recommended in every guide book about Bolivia for the past 8+ years.

“It’s no accident” that Gravity is the only company with this reputation – it’s been earned through a commitment to quality, safety, fun and professionalism, year in and year out.

The “new kids on the block” have no answer for this other than conspiracy theories.  Below you can read a bit more about some of the major features of Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking.

Do we have it at Gravity?  Yes!

At Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking, we believe that biking down The World s Most Dangerous Road is not the place to cut corners. We believe that our customers deserve nothing but the best in order to reduce the risks on this incredible route and to increase the fun on this “adventure of a lifetime.” With more than 12 years of experience guiding more than 50,000 people down the WMDR Gravity has developed extremely sophisticated systems for guiding the road, training its staff, maintaining its bikes and constantly improving operations. Our unwavering commitment to improving the ride experience for our customers is reflected in the following list of unique features that Gravity offers, asking these same questions of our competitors will quickly highlight the differences:

  • Do you have 12+ years of experience guiding on the WMDR and throughout Bolivia? At Gravity – YES!
  • Do you have the best safety record on the road? At Gravity – YES!
  • Do you take a full stock of first aid supplies and equipment on every ride? At Gravity – YES! (enough to perform minor surgery!)
  • On every ride do you take rope rescue equipment, including over 100m of ropes, harnesses, backboards, braces, etc…? At Gravity – YES!
  • Are all of your guides Rope Rescue Certified? At Gravity – YES!
  • Are all of your guides First Aid Certified? At Gravity – YES!
  • Do you provide a Native English Speaking guide with every trip? At Gravity – YES!
  • Do you provide at the very least 1 fully trained and certified guide for every 7 riders? At Gravity – YES!
  • Are your guides trained bike mechanics that can fix and adjust bikes for clients on the ride? At Gravity – YES!
  • Do you give special attention to each client and their bikes to ensure their safety and enjoyment throughout the ride? At Gravity – YES!
  • Are your guides among the best mountain bikers in Bolivia, who are consistently competing in and winning national competitions? At Gravity – YES
  • After every ride are your bikes fully serviced by professionally trained mechanics who work full time for your company? At Gravity – YES!
  • Do you service your bikes in South America’s biggest bike workshop? At Gravity – YES!
  • Are all the bikes you give clients no more than two years old? At Gravity – YES!
  • Do you invest a considerable amount of money into original and name brand parts that keep your bikes the best on the road? At Gravity – YES!
  • Do you provide every client with a full-suspension bike? At Gravity – YES!
  • Are all of your bikes equipped with top-of-the-line hydraulic disc brakes with original brake pads? At Gravity – YES!
  • Are the vehicles you provide for transportation regularly serviced and in good upstanding condition? At Gravity – YES!
  • Do the people who ride with you have ample space and comfort on your vehicles? At Gravity – YES!
  • Do you end the ride at an exclusive Animal Refuge with hot showers, a pool, tons of amazing animals, and a buffet of homemade pasta, salad and bread? At Gravity – YES!
  • Do you financially support the Animal Refuge with a proportion of our income to ensure that it can continue to grow and develop its excellent work? At Gravity – YES!
  • Do you allow your clients the option to do the uphill section of the ride? At Gravity – YES!
  • Do you give every person that goes on your ride a great high-quality free t-shirt? At Gravity – YES!
  • Do you provide each person with a top-of-the-line helmet, high-quality goggles, gloves, pants and jacket, and safety vest? At Gravity – YES!
  • Do you give back to the communities you ride through with special programs, tourism development, and special rides? At Gravity – YES!

If you book a tour with Gravity and then have to cancel or change the date FOR ANY REASON (including arriving late on the morning of the ride), we will not be able to refund your full payment. Below are our cancellation penalties. These reflect the cost to us of your cancellation and, in particular, the fact that if you cancel at the last minute we will not be able to fill your place on the tour (but still need to pay our guides, mechanics, transport, etc.)

  • On the morning of the ride: 100% penalty
  • After office hours the day before the ride: 100% penalty
  • During office hours, the day before the ride: 50% penalty
  • Two days before the ride: 25% penalty (UNLESS WE CAN FILL YOUR SPACE, IN WHICH CASE US$5)

These penalties apply to both can AND/OR transfer to a ride on another date. If illness caused the problem, ask our office for a “Cancellation Fee Receipt” that you may be able to present to your travel insurance claims department.

Gravity reserves the right to cancel or modify the trip for the safety, of its participants or where conditions make the tour unfeasible in its advertised form. In such an occurrence, Gravity will try to provide safe and fun alternative activities of routes to the group on that day. Where the cancellation or modification is the result of circumstances outside of Gravity’s direct control (including, but not limited to, unseasonably bad weather, civil protests, an accident, or road closures or blockages), Gravity will not provide any refund. The only exception to this is on occasion where the actual tour activity was never started, in which case Gravity will provide a full refund. In instances where the cancellation part way through the tour resulted in less than 75% of the activity being undertaken, Gravity will offer a discount to participants towards a future Gravity tour. The amount of the discount is entirely at Gravity’s discretion.


You MUST have insurance that covers you for the activity of mountain biking in order to partake in the Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking excursions. We find that MOST travel or health insurance policies include mountain biking or cycling as part of their covered sports activities. If yours does not, we offer a 3-day policy through Zurich Boliviana.

  • Your cost US$ 16— covers up to US$ 1000 of medical costs, less US. 50 ‘excess’
  • Your cost US$ 24— covers up to US$ 1600 of medical costs, less US. 50 ‘excess’
  • Your cost US$ 27—covers up to US$ 2000 of medical costs, less US. 50 ‘excess’
  • Your cost US$ 31 —covers up to US$ 3000 of medical costs, less US. 50 ‘excess’

Please consult the Gravity office personnel for more information regarding the policies offered.