Female Jaguar Cub Arrives

Female Jaguar Cub Arrives
Female Jaguar Cub Arrives

A female jaguar cub, only a couple of months old, arrived past Thursday December 13th to La Senda Verde to be the second jaguar to live in the animal refuge. She was picked up from a family in the town of Palos Blancos, located in  a low tropical rainforest area where the Amazon meets the Andes.

The family has a cattle ranch, and one of the cowboys in the ranch had found her in a very bad state of health laying in the forest, with a wound in her head, full of skin parasites and parts of her body without skin. They picked her up and started rehabilitating her. First they fed her the wrong food, then they realised they needed to feed her meat. It was until she arrived with us that she was able to drink cat milk, for she is so small she really needs it.

The cub was partially rehabilitated by the family but still has some difficulties. She can’t walk very well and her stomach is swollen. The family first called the environmental office to see where they could send the baby jaguar, the authorities then decided to send her to La Senda Verde.

Once we were noticed by the environmental authorities we sent a vehicle to pick her up, this was on Wednesday and they arrived on Thursday. She came with her blanket and a pillow, and she was obviously missing the house she was living in. Upon arrival she was placed in a quarantine space next to the clinic. We are currently doing a series of coproparasitic exams to see if she has any parasites. Telling from some videos they sent us were she is playing with dogs and other domestic animals, it is very probable that she has become infected by domestic animal parasites. She was not defecating regularly and we are hoping that with the cat milk and some herbal remedies this will improve, while we await the results from the exams.

Just like the Andean Bear cub Tarkus that just arrived, this Jaguar cub spent very little time with her mother, which affects them greatly both psychologically and physiologically. We are working very closely with both cubs trying to regularise their digestion since it’s not working normally, this due to the fact that they did not get enough milk from their mothers.

The female jaguar cub is three months old and weighs 3.2 kilograms. Next week we will be writing another report with updates on the newly arrived jaguar and if she gets one by then, a name. In the photos you can see her with her pillow and blanket, that she loves so dearly, and drinking the cat milk for the first time.  In the video you can see her in the house where she was picked up in Palos Blancos and in the carrying cage where she arrived.




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