Human Enclosures Project – Senda Verde Applies for EOCA Fund

Human Enclosures Project – Senda Verde Applies for EOCA Fund
Human Enclosures Project – Senda Verde Applies for EOCA Fund

Every year, the European Outdoor Conservation Association -EOCA- finances three different projects around the world that have significant impact on the conservation of endangered species and improves the opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to visit those places. The 9th of August was the deadline to apply for the grant contest and La Senda Verde found out about it only ten days before. With a hurry and great interest we were able to make it and apply!

We entered the contest with our human enclosures project. Here’s a description of the project as it was sent to EOCA:

Our priority is the animals, but since we receive no funding from government institutions, we rely on low-impact educational tourism to sustain ourselves. The human enclosures project is a continuation of a project that has already begun. We plan to continue building a human enclosure that allows for visitors to view the animals without having contact with them, providing safety for little kids and visitors, allowing for most of the animals to wander freely within the premises without the need of many enclosures. It also provides safety for the animals since human contact can cause them parasitic infections and diseases.

We have 250 meters of human enclosure built already, that allow visitors to wonder around the central area of the sanctuary. However other areas, like the capuchin monkey area are not accessible to the public yet. The human enclosure will provide a better experience for all of the coming visitors by providing them a safe passage way to all the areas in the sanctuary that are now off limits. The EOCA fund will be used to complete the human enclosures needed, some 115 meters more of them.

After a rigorous selection procedure, EOCA members create a list of chosen projects and then a public vote process begins where people get to publicly vote which project they think is best. We will need your help for this since part of the qualification to win the contest comes from the amount of public votes. Please stay attuned to our social networks to vote for us!


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