Kantutani builds new aviary

Kantutani builds new aviary
Kantutani builds new aviary

The influx of rescued parrots is overwhelming. People everywhere want to have parrots in their homes and they don’t realise they are not meant to be pets. As a result, thousands of parrots are kidnapped from their habitats and while being transported most of them die. The ones that survive make it into the pet market trade. Since people don’t know what it means to have parrots as pets, they buy these birds and raise them in their homes.

Most of the times these parrots are well kept and adapt to their new family and homes. However some of them are turned into the environmental police because people find out it is illegal to have them and the police will prefer to take the birds from the families instead of confiscating them at markets when the pets are being sold. This is a serious problem since it is not the best for the birds, being taken away from their families a second time becomes too painful for them and many of them die.

To La Senda Verde this means a constant influx of rescued birds, many of which need healing, loving and cannot ever be returned to the wild. These birds have nowhere to go, we have to receive them, and they are so many and are coming in so fast that space becomes insufficient.

We’ve tried many things to provide for them the best. At once, we had most of the birds roaming freely in the premises. It then happened that they became too many and the older birds would push the new ones away, they would in turn fly elsewhere, get captured and put into the pet trade market once again! It also happened that we would get territorial fights between primates and birds so it is after all of these problems that we decided to build a large aviary to have them in there safely.

This new aviary did not last a few years before it filled up! This is why we’ve had to build a whole new one! The initiative comes from Fundación Kantutani, which we are proud to say, is a Bolivian organisation and is the main sponsor of La Senda Verde. Not only do they donate monthly for the maintenance expenses, they also donate whole projects like this large aviary.

The aviary has a cost of over 10,000 dollars. Thanks to Kantutani we have not had to go in campaign to raise funds for that. The new aviary is on its finishing stages and will be completed soon. It will allow us to shelter all the new parrots and macaws that will continue coming in the following years.

Thanks Kantutani!

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