New monkeys, new monkey enclosures

New monkeys, new monkey enclosures
New monkeys, new monkey enclosures

As we informed the public last week in a facebook publication, we recently received six monkeys, four tufted Capuchins, one white-fronted Capuchin, a tailless Howler monkey and a Squirrel monkey.   They arrived along with nine birds, in a recent batch of new arrivals that continue to come at an alarming pace.

La Senda Verde is home to twelve different species of monkeys, the most numerous being Capuchins, Spider and Howler monkeys. Most of them roam free in the premises, while others cannot do that. Smaller species like Titi and Owl monkeys cannot be left free because they would be predated by the Capuchins. Sad but true. Hence a need for special enclosures to shelter and protect them.

Until recently these small and less numerous monkeys were staying in temporary enclosures, and we are happy to announce that we have just finished three new ones for these “special” monkeys. Plecturocebus aureipalatii, Plecturocebus donacophilus, Plecturocebus modestus and Plecturocebus pallescens are the four species of Titi monkeys (one of them discovered as recently as 2004) that occupy the new enclosures. Two of the Titis are in one and the other two share a second enclosure with the mico melanorus or Black-tailed marmosets. The third new enclosure is being used by two other Titi monkeys.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Banco sol that donated 5,000 BS that were used to buy metallic mesh. The mesh was not used in the enclosures mentioned since it arrived too late, but it will be used to build very necessary platforms and spaces in the quarantine area.

We still have no images of the new enclosures, but we share with you images of the mesh that was donated by Banco Sol.





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