New Spider Monkey arrives

New Spider Monkey arrives
New Spider Monkey arrives

A female spider monkey, around a year and a half of age, arrived this week to La Senda Verde in a general good state of health.

We received a call last Friday 4th of January from a person from the town of Coripata, who stated that he had found a monkey on the road, of an unknown species to him, describing it as black with long arms, legs and tail, which is undoubtedly a spider monkey.

The man reported that they were driving on a road when they stopped for a rest-room break along the road, in the precise place where this monkey was. They were told that some young men had tried earlier to pick her up with no success. They tried luring her with some food and were able finally to have her enter the vehicle. The man reported the animal as soon as he could and she arrived not much time later.

When she arrived we set up a bed inside a cage in the clinic and spoke to her, it was incredible to see her reaction as she understood what she was being told and felt immediately safe with us, displaying her amazing personality. We did parasite exams on her which came out negative and had her in quarantine only two days. On Sunday we tried to integrate her to the group, which is a very long process that can take a lot of time.

On our first integration attempt, we brought her to the special monkey area where the three juvenile spider monkeys are. The new monkey, that has no name still, as a defensive measure, would not look at the other monkeys, acting as if she wasn’t a monkey herself. The baby spider monkeys were not all that comfortable themselves, though one of them approached her and tried to made contact with no success. This process can be very long with spider monkeys.

As soon as we know the name we will be updating the info on this new arrival. The image above is of her upon arrival. In the image below you may see her as she was in the vehicle of the man that found her. You may support new arrivals like this one by visiting, volunteering and donating.



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