Ocelot Enclosure

Ocelot Enclosure
Ocelot Enclosure

Total funds required: $7500 USD
Total funds required: $7500 USD

The Story

Habitat loss has been devastating in Bolivia the last couple of years. The San buenaventura Sugar factory was built just three years ago in the middle of the Northern Bolivia Madidi Forests and has since, in a glimpse, clearcutted more than 2,000 acres of primary rainforest to lay way for the sugar cane plantations.

aerial image of sugar cane deforestation

Recent deforestation from sugarcane in Bolivia. Read more

Cat Stevens and Cat Iris, male and female Ocelots, are victims of this recent environmental devastation. Cat Stevens was rescued by an engineer working in one of the Chinese companies responsible for building the factory in San Buenaventura. They’ve been with us for over a year now, are now fully grown 20 month old adults and urgently need to move onto a new space.

Face photo of Cat Iris Ocelot

One of our Ocelots in her current enclosure

The project

Cat Iris and Cat Stevens have been living in a small 2.5 x 9 meter enclosure. We plan to build a larger one alongside the newly built Puma enclosure, and will be 6 x 14,5 meters, and with a varying altitude of 3 to 5 meters high. This is because one of the walls will be the hillside itself. It will also feature a management cage, that will have five sliding doors.

The old enclosure


The estimated budget for this project is $5,000 for the enclosure and $2,500 for the management cage.

Your  donation big or small makes a big impact. We are committed to keep you informed and improve in ways to allow you get engaged with our work, feel and know that you are making a difference.



  • Robyn Kunimoto $400
  • Camdyn M. $1000
  • Anoymous $25
  • Joanne Taylor $15
  • Sarah and Animalma $250
  • Mary Rankin $2000
  • Andrea Iturras $100

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