Ocelots move to new enclosure

Ocelots move to new enclosure
Ocelots move to new enclosure

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On June 2017 we begun a campaign to raise funds to build a larger enclosure for our two resident Ocelots, Cat Iris and Cat Stevens. The budget was set at 7,500 dollars, 5,000 for the main enclosure and 2,500 for the management cage. Thanks to 8 very special supporters from different places of the world, we were able to gather 57% of this amount. The rest of the amount has been raised by local donations, we are still working the numbers to thank each one of the donors.

We weren’t finished raising the funds and LSV staff begun building the enclosure, that’s how urgent it was. The main enclosure not being ready yet, personnel from LSV decided to move Cat Iris and Cat Stevens to the management cage which has just been finished being constructed. Moving the Ocelots was not an easy procedure. We first had to put them in two kennels, and carry them a distance of 300 meters!

As we passed by our Andean Bear Aruma, he stood up, noticing the presence of the ocelots! Moving them was quite an effort, Cat Stevens is weighing 13 kilograms and Cat Iris 11. To that you have to add the weight of the kennels.

Cat Stevens is trained and was easy to transport. As soon as we opened the kennel he got in, and then, after being transported, he easily got out. Cat Iris, on the other hand did not want to go in the kennel. We had to force her in. Once in the new cage, she didn’t want to leave the kennel.

Please come back, we are awaiting a video where you can see Cat Stevens trying to convince Cat Iris to come out of the Kennel. Quite the cute thing!

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