Senda Verde souvenirs are born

Senda Verde souvenirs are born
Senda Verde souvenirs are born

Until last month Senda Verde offered beautiful but few hand-made crafts that were sold in the refuge to visitors, local and foreign, with sales destined to create an economical impact for the animals. Today, a new line of souvenirs with a unique LSV brand, that will be sold locally and abroad, are in the process of being born, thanks mostly to the efforts of Gabriela Duran, a Bolivian designer.

Like everything big that happens at La Senda Verde, this begun as a volunteer effort on behalf of Gabriela, who took the time to visit the refuge, contact the owners and begin the process of this beautiful initiative. The next step she took was to illustrate designs inspired on the animals at LSV along with two other talented bolivian illustrators, Luhly Cardozo and Mariana Villarroel, of the arts major at UMSA university in La Paz.

The final step was to go to Matilde Urioste, an industrial designer, who will take care of designing the furniture for the future souvenir shop at La Senda Verde. It is in this fashion that the Senda Verde line of products and store are in the process of being born. Soon after, the souvenirs were produced and were ready to launch for trial sales within the Mercadito Pop in La Paz, a week-end crafts market; another of the initiatives of Gabriela Durán.

This launch sale took place this past weekend, Saturday 16 and Sunday 17. For sale were pillow covers, shirts, notebooks, eco-bags, fridge magnets and stickers. The most sold items were the notebooks, the magnets and the stickers; in this fashion, products are being tested to see which ones are best sold, and soon they will be finding their niches to reach potential customers.

The most attractive thing about the Senda Verde souvenirs? Their sales help support the animals at LSV!

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  • Louisa Jones Posted June 29, 2018 7:23 pm

    I love this idea! I thought the same when i visited – these souvenirs are gorgeous! Let me know if you start selling them online 🙂


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