Signage project presented to Prince Bernhard Nature Fund

Signage project presented to Prince Bernhard Nature Fund
Signage project presented to Prince Bernhard Nature Fund

February second was the limit date to submit an application for the 15,000 euros that the Prince Bernhard Nature Fund provides for innovative projects that seek to empower the conservation of nature. Much before that date we had successfully submitted our application for a Signage and App project that is being developed by the Senda Verde team.

It has been a while since Senda Verde has been wanting to create beautifully designed signs that can aid and improve the educational experience of visitors while touring La Senda Verde. It wasn’t until last year that the team finally decided to carry on with the project and asked Senda Verde designer Julian Peñaranda to take care of it.

While preparing for such an endeavour, Julian came across the Price Bernhard Nature Fund and decided to participate for La Senda Verde with the hopes of gathering some funds to manufacture the signs and implement the project. The idea then sprouted in everyone that the signage could be complimented with an app, which would take the educational experience of visiting La Senda Verde to a whole new level.

La Senda Verde has an enormous potential for educating not just about wildlife trafficking and environmental conservation, but about the incredible biodiversity that exists in the forests of Bolivia. Seven hundred animals from sixty different species are an enormous repertoire of biological information that can be better delivered through an innovative signage and app project.

With or without the fund, the project will go on, and is currently being developed. So far we can say that at least some 100 signs will be designed and constructed and hopefully the funds will appear to build them and place them. 60 of the 100 signs are for each one of the existing resident species living at La Senda Verde. The signs are designed in a way that they deliver rich visual information about the species through an innovative bio-print logo, a face profile, a styled pictogram of the species and a genetic kinship color coding that… well, let’s keep it a secret for now.

The innovative signs have very few written words, most of the information about the species will be delivered through an app. The new signage user can then scan a logo in the sign with his device and the app will deliver the complete information about the species he’s looking at in the language of his choice, be it written or in voice narrations. Other features like a species checklist and games will be integrated into the app to make visits to La Senda Verde much more entertaining and educational.


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