Skyrace Bolivia 2017 departs from La Senda Verde

Skyrace Bolivia 2017 departs from La Senda Verde
Skyrace Bolivia 2017 departs from La Senda Verde

Like every year,  SKYRACE Bolivia 2017 departs from La Senda Verde. As a way to support the sanctuary, SKYRACE will donate 20bs for every runner that signs up.

The race will depart from LSV Sunday, July 30th

SKYRACE is a worldwide renown pedestrian race, that meets altitude, ascent and minimal distance standards.

The circuits of medium/advanced difficulty and is situated in the Yungas region of the La Paz Department of Bolivia. It’s a cross country race through mountainous terrain apt for people above 18 years of age that are on constant physical activity and have an overall good state of health. The route goes from 1230 meters above sea level (4,035 feet) to 2030 masl (9,940 feet); with different climate changes as it climbs from Yolosa to Chuspipata.

  • All participantes that finish the SKYRACE are called SKYRUNNERS
  • A SKYRACE can be compared to a marathon or an Ironman in the level of physical and mental demand.
  • BOLIVIA offers with the Andes and the Yungas (tropical andes) a natural base to practice SKYRUNNING with it’s extreme heights and climbs.

The official website of the race:

Images of past races

corredores en la senda partiendo desde la senda





  • Alfonso Posted June 19, 2017 3:19 pm

    ¿Y las fechas? Qué fallo, no aparecen las fechas.

    • Senda Verde Wildlife Sanctuary Posted June 19, 2017 3:34 pm

      Ya está arreglado, es el 30 de Julio, gracias por su comentario


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