Vicky is invited to special film event in La Paz

Vicky is invited to special film event in La Paz
Vicky is invited to special film event in La Paz

For ten years an event has been carried out in the Bolivian Cinematheque where a special celebrity is asked to choose what he or she believes is the best movie in the whole world and that person gets to comment and broadcast that movie in a special show in the Cinematheque’s movie theater.

This past Saturday 24th of February, Vicky Ossio, Senda Verde’s co-owner was invited to host this event with the movie she chose: Amazonia. The movie is about a capuchin monkey that due to an plane crash where he is travelling has to go back to the amazon rainforest, and the film portrays the amazon wildlife like no other, it is directed by an expert wildlife film maker Thierry Ragobert.

The event was adjusted at the last minute in order to turn it into a means for people to contribute and donate food and money for Senda Verde due to the recent emergencies that have occurred because of the rain season. The event was a success, there was so much attendance that all the seats were filled and people were sitting on the hallway.

“The Best Movie in the World 10 Years”


People cheered at the movie and to the activities that Senda Verde does. I believe success is in part due to the excellent choice of film of Vicky, Amazonia, which allows Bolivian people to see images of the amazon wildlife they live next to but have few opportunities to observe. Also it allows to see many of the species of rescued animals at La Senda Verde in their natural entourage. The amazon rainforest is in the minds of people of La Paz like never before, because of the recent news about Chineese jaguar fang seizures and the many current projects that threaten to destroy what is left of this great forest.

So many people wanted to assist that the space in the theater was not large enough. People then insisted and asked for another opportunity to see the film and to support La Senda Verde. It is then that the same film will be broadcasted next weekend, March 3rd 2018, in a repeat event: The World’s Greatest Film by Vicky Ossio.

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