X-ray machine campaign launches for #GivingTuesday

X-ray machine campaign launches for #GivingTuesday
X-ray machine campaign launches for #GivingTuesday

La Senda Verde is part of the global giving moment called #GivingTuesday. It is a movement to create an international day of giving at the beginning of the Christmas and holiday season.  La Senda Verde joins this global giving movement this year with the quest of funding a very necessary x-ray equipment machine.

Quite often, animals victims of wildlife trafficking arrive to La Senda Verde wounded and with broken bones. Baby monkeys for example, grip to their dead mothers so hard that hunters will many times break their hands in the process of separating them. Parrots too may come in with broken wings. In other cases, turtles living at the refuge develop a problem to lay eggs, the eggs stay inside of them and they need an operation to be taken out. X-rays are the greatest solution to all of this cases.

Sadly, since we don’t have x-ray equipment, we need to prioritise them and take the animal in need to La Paz. It is a very costly process that involves travel expenses. This is why we so urgently need an x-ray equipment at the refuge.

The campaign begins today and will be going on all through the giving season, ending early next year. It is quite a large sum we need to raise, $17,500 in total, being that it is a special price that has been given to us by a local distributor of the equipment. We are forever thankful to all of our supporters in all of our past projects and will be thankful to them once again for their support in this one. Remember there are many ways to help, not only by donating but also helping get the word around and being part of the campaign.



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