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A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Wildlife Sanctuary  established in 2003

Nested in the heart of South America, Senda Verde acts as a refuge for wild animals saved from the perils of illegal trafficking and habitat destruction.

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Rescued Since 2003

Senda Verde Never Turns Away an Animal!

Learn our story

We have looked after hundreds of innocent wild animals victims of unspeakable cruelty, by giving them a second change, and we have hearten them to become a strong part of our lives. They are our teachers and healers.

Become part of the solution

Caring for more than 1000 wild animals representing 75 different species is a 24/7 commitment, and wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of animal keepers and volunteers who offer their time and talents to help fulfill our mission. Join us to help and enrich the lives of our resident wild animals.


We kindly ask for your support through a donation to help our efforts in combatting poaching. Together, let's unite to defend wildlife and preserve nature, making a tangible difference in our world.

Species Safeguarding

The last twenty years have witnessed unprecedented changes in our biodiversity and environment on our shared planet, leading to the world losing over 10,000 species annually.

Now more than ever, wildlife sanctuaries like Senda Verde are vital to ensure the ongoing survival of many of the world’s most vulnerable species and their habitats; and inspiring young conservationists.

“There may be days when we can’t help an animal in need, but the day will never come that we won’t try”.

Paul Oxton

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Senda Verde Rewilding

We are on a mission to rewild and protect the Bolivian Amazon rainforest and its natural ecosystems.