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Reaching Senda Verde

Drive to the neighborhood of Villa Fatima in La Paz, and follow the main road as it seamlessly transitions into the primary route leading to the picturesque Yungas region. Along the way, you’ll pass by the Minasa bus station and shortly after, encounter a police checkpoint where you’ll be required to present your driver’s license, along with a fire extinguisher and first aid kit. Additionally, a nominal fee will be collected at this point. Continuing along this route, you’ll gradually ascend to the summit, reaching an impressive altitude of 4,600 meters above sea level, before embarking on a descent.

During your journey, you’ll encounter two more checkpoints, one manned by police and the other for drug inspection. Following the main paved road, enjoy the descent until you reach the base of the mountain. As you approach the river valley, a bridge will come into view, signaling your arrival at Yolosita.

Upon reaching Yolosita, take a sharp left immediately after passing the police station, onto the road leading to Coroico. After approximately 500 meters, as the road begins to ascend, you’ll notice a dirt road branching off to the right. Follow this path for three kilometers until you spot the unmistakable sign for Senda Verde and the entrance to the parking area. Feel free to park your vehicle here before continuing your adventure.

STEP 1: Minasa

Head to the Minasa Station located in Villa Fatima. You have a couple of convenient options for reaching there: you can either take a taxi from your current location, typically priced around 20 Bolivianos, or opt for any mini-bus bearing the sign “Terminal Minasa.”

STEP 2: Yolosita or Coroico

From Minasa, you have various transportation options bound for COROICO. Depending on your preference, you can choose between mini-vans and vans, with fares typically ranging from 25 to 40 Bolivianos. Whether you intend to travel all the way to Coroico or prefer to disembark at Yolosita, both choices are feasible.

Alternatively, you can board any bus heading northbound to destinations such as Yucumo, Rurrenabaque, Riberalta, or Cobija, and stop at Yolosita. While these buses may occasionally stop at Minasa, they primarily depart from their designated terminals within the Villa Fatima neighborhood. This option offers the most economical fare, typically around 15 to 20 Bolivianos.

STEP 3: Senda Verde

From Yolosita

It’s a mere 3 kilometers away, easily accessible by foot, which should take about an hour. Follow the driving instructions provided earlier if you opt to walk. For a more immediate and convenient option, consider hiring a taxi from Yolosita to La Senda Verde, with fares averaging around 30 to 40 Bolivianos.

From Coroico

Just half a block down from the main plaza in town, you’ll find taxis eagerly awaiting passengers. These shared taxis are a budget-friendly option, typically charging between 10 to 15 Bolivianos for a ride directly to La Senda Verde. Alternatively, if you prioritize convenience, especially when traveling with companions, hiring a taxi is a viable choice. Taxis typically charge between 40 to 50 Bolivianos for the journey.

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