Our Story

Giving injured, abused and trafficked wild animals a second life

Our Mission

Senda Verde exists to save and provide sanctuary for wild animals rescued from illegal trafficking and habitat loss while inspiring actions to protect and restore the natural world.

Our Vision

Driven by our commitment to fostering a healthier planet, our vision is to inspire and mobilize social initiatives that heal and restore nature, empowering individuals to drive meaningful and positive transformations.

Vicky Ossio and Marcelo Levy - Cofounders

Senda Verde

More than just a sanctuary

We are committed to conservation, rewilding, and our mission to save our wild companions

Senda Verde Animal Refuge


Senda Verde, meaning “green path”, was established in 2003 within the subtropical region eastern flank of the Bolivian Andes in South America. Recognizing the pressing need to protect the natural world, the co-founders, Vicky and Marcelo, resolved to take action, devoting their time, energy, and resources to this crucial, holistic endeavor. Known for their profound love of animals and nature, Vicky and Marcelo embarked on their journey by rescuing their first orphaned capuchin monkey in 2003. Since then, they have nurtured thousands of animals back to health, responding to the increasing number of creatures brought to the sanctuary's doorstep over the years. Today, their unwavering commitment and passion have inspired a dedicated group of staff and volunteers to join in their noble cause.

Senda Verde Credentials

Senda Verde is a private Nonprofit Organization under IRS 501(c)(3)

Each year, the sanctuary takes in over 100 animals – many orphaned and in need of around-the-clock care and feeding. Senda Verde is  home to more than 1000 permanent wildlife residents, whose stories are shared during guided visits, which can be scheduled year-round. Additionally, Senda Verde educates and inspires the public about co-existing with wildlife, and provide humane solutions for wildlife-related issues.

Our Core Values

We are visionary and spiring

We celebrate life, biodiversity, and planet Earth, the only place we all call home.  We are  committed to working together under the highest standards of integrity and honesty  to save, protect and rewild biodiversity.


Please Consider to Donate

At Senda Verde, we hold the conviction that addressing the biodiversity loss is achievable, and we can work towards restoring the natural world while safeguarding the diverse and magnificent life forms we coexist with.  Collectively, we have the power to forge a brighter tomorrow, fostering joy, wellness, and prosperity amid a thriving and sustainable Earth. Come alongside us on our mission to cultivate a healthier, more colorful world, where people and wildlife can thrive. Embrace the opportunity to be an integral member of our community!


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